24Jul Two...

Back in July 2014 and at the suggestion of a lifelong Nick Cave fan, I started The Fidorium, an Etsy shop for selling my illustrated, music-themed cards and for thinning out the fort of vintage items that had started to surround my desk.

I worked in a record shop at the time, but always found myself wanting to spend more time chatting to other listeners of my favourite artists and bands. Two years on, I now spend my time drawing the contents of my record collection (amongst other things, like budgerigars) and experiencing the amazing kinship of fandom in full. It's astounding how many other people know the 'Dave Wave' and wonderful to discover that there's an 81 year old Pet Shop Boys fan in Suffolk who's been following them since day one.  

A love of music is one of those rare and beautiful things that we all have in common and on that note (and on the 2nd birthday of The Fidorium), I'd like to welcome you to this shiny, new site to share in my enthusaism for some of our finest musicians (except you, David Guetta).

Now, who wants some cake? The foodstuff, not the band, that is.

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